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We know how great our camp is but we also know that you'd much rather hear what the parents of our campers think.

Below are just some of the many actual comments we get from them.


"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience for our two girls at the Actors Camp. Not only did they learn valuable life skills like preparation, collaboration, and stage presence, they also had a ton of fun!"

"Thanks to the Actor's Camp, and its wonderful staff, my daughter has a newfound love of acting and the theatre. She was so excited to go to camp every day, learn new choreography and songs, and be part of a big ensemble. She is loving this new world that the Actors Camp introduced her to."

"I wanted to share a BIG thank you to both of you and the camp staff. This was her first time participating in theater and she LOVED it! We had no idea what to expect and were just blown away with all that the staff and kids were able to accomplish so quickly. At times she has difficulties focusing but we saw none of that for the 2 weeks of camp. A true testament…my daughter and some other camp friends were even practicing at the pool! And, a few days after the show she told me that she really misses camp…I believe you have a camper lined up for next summer for sure."

"Another amazing two weeks at The Actors Camp this summer! I don’t know how they do it, but Paul’s team seamlessly weaves learning about theatre, hard work, practice, laughter, and fun into his summer musical theatre camp! The end result is that the kids are motivated and excited to work together to put on an amazing production! The smiles of pride of accomplishment are my most favorite part! I highly recommend this camp and will be back next summer!"

"I have never seen my daughter so excited about anything else in her life! She spent all day and night rehearsing and is still singing the songs a week after camp. Thank you!"

“It was my daughters second year doing the Actors Camp. Not only did she have a blast, but the production these kids and crew were able to produce with less than 2 weeks was so impressive. They make a safe space for kids of all needs and skill levels and we will definitely be back next summer”

"Thank you again for a great camp experience! I’m amazed at what they were able to do in just 10 days! "

"So happy to hear that she is thriving in the program!!"

"I love the imaginations that are inspired by your camp!"


"My son had a great time.  The show was awesome.  I can’t believe what they accomplished in two short weeks!"

                           "...she has more confidence"               " ... this gave him more self-esteem"                                                   

                            "...I can't thank you enough"  "...they are so much more outgoing since going to your camp!. "  

                      "...he wrote about how your camp changed his perspective on life for his college essay"


Discover the incredible impact our camp has had on countless children! Connect with enthusiastic parents who are more than willing to share their experiences with you. Just shoot us an email, and we'll gladly provide you with names and contact information. We'll even give them a heads-up to expect your call or email.

Join the ranks of our returning campers who, year after year, bring along siblings, cousins, and friends to partake in the excitement. We're so confident your child will love their time with us that we offer a Fun Guarantee!

If you're still on the fence about which camp to choose for your child this summer, seize the opportunity to speak directly with a parent eager to recount the wonderful, positive impact our camp has had on their child. Don't miss out on this firsthand insight into the joy and growth your child can experience with us!



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